Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis executed in spite of reasonable doubts on his guilt

The true victim of a rotten justice system
A policeman is killed and a scapegoat must be found to be lynched by the 'good citizens' with the blessings of the judiciary system of Georgia (USA). In addition the policeman was white and the scapegoat was black (how else?!)

There was no evidence? The accused has always proclaimed his innocence? No problem for Georgia, where prisoners are treated as slaves and put to work in chains... 

I am not in general against death penalty: Hitler deserved it, Olmert and Barak deserve it and Breivik deserves it as well. But the problem with the death penalty is that it is seldom used against mass institutional criminals like these but instead against minorities and poor people for less important crimes and without enough evidence. As they say, in the USA, whether they hang you or you are set free depends almost only on the attorney you can pay. 

And that is not justice but a mockery of it.

Until the moment of his death by institutional murder, Troy Davies said it was not his fault, he did not have a gun, he did not kill that damn cop. Not a single piece of evidence exists but he was killed anyhow. Shame on you, Georgia!

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