Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Sep 27)

Basque Country:

Noain (near Pamplona): four neighbors accused of apology of terrorism for showing the photo of a prisoner of conscience, Miguel Ángel Llamas, one of the several arrested and tortured earlier this year in the judicial attack against the counter-information site apurtu.org (see also here, here and here) ··> Ateak Ireki[es].

Pau tribunal to send Josu Esparza (another victim of ideological persecution) to Spain ··> Gara[es], video of Josu Esparza (in Basque with Spanish subtitles) at Ateak Ireki.

Strasbourg pan-European court ratifies that Spain violates human rights by persecuting Basques for their opinions. Arnaldo Otegi was sentenced to a whole year of prison for stating the obvious. He said:

How is it possible that [Basque politicians] get photographed today in Bilbao with the king of Spain, when  the king of Spain is the supreme commander of the Spanish Army, that is: the responsible of torturers and the one who protects torture and imposes his monarchical regime to our people through torture and violence.

··> Gara[es].

Bilbao: Christian Fundamentalist Mayor Azkuna proclaims that he will not allow any Kukutza IV (Kukutza III being the social center evicted this last week) ··> Gara[es].
protest against no-kissing ordinance
Bilbao: city ordinance, that forbids kissing and is extremely restrictive in general, challenged at court ··> Branka[es].

Bilbao: Mass criminal and narco boss Álvaro Uribe (former President of Colombia) will be in this city tomorrow invited by the Digital Cities' Meeting, taking place in Euskalduna Jauregia. A demonstration has been called against him ··> Branka[es].

West Eurasia & North Africa:

Germany: Bavarian Nazis investigated for email links with Norwegian mass-murderer A. Breivik. Among them there could be Roland Wuttke, leader of the NDP in Bavaria ··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Germany/Ecuador: Nazi war criminal Walther Rauff was on payroll 'democratic' secret service. Known after file is declassified ··> Sare Antifaxista[es].

Palestine/Turkey: list of Zionist war criminals who assaulted the Mavi Marmara published online by the Turkish government ··> Jews sans frontieres.

Syria: tanks attack Rastan ··> Al Jazeera.

  • Clashes escalate with at least 17 dead, as police attacked opposition camp at Sanaa··> video at PO.
  • Women protest against Saleh ··> video at PO.
Egypt: gas pipeline to the Colonialist Apartheid Regime in Palestine (Israel) sabotaged again ··>  Al Jazeera.


  • Ottawa: Greenpeace protests against sand oil extraction at Parliament ··> video at PO
  • London (Ontario): protest against police use of taser (hyper-dangerous electric-shock gun) on face of young man ··> video at PO.

USA: Occupy Wall Street movement continues ··> video at PO.

Bolivia: controversial jungle highway suspended after protests. President Morales promises referendum ··> Gara[es], Al Jazeera.

East Asia & Oceania:

  • Japan authorities and TEPCO denounced in scientific paper for violating the rights of children. Fukushima worse than Chernobyl ··> EneNews.
  • TEPCO bribed compensation committee members ··> Fukushima Diary.
  • Radiation at Narita (Chiba Pref., Tokyo metropolitan area) very bad (10 microSv/h) ··> EneNews.
  • Fukushima exodus: people leave the doomed prefecture (if they can) ··> EneNews.

New Zealand: police attacks students' protest in Auckland ··> video at PO.

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