Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Page: 'What's wrong with the Eurozone'

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  1. Excellent analysis of the EU and Eurozone, my man. The hopes I associated with the EU had to do with curbing, however slightly, the sovereignty of nation-states -- for I do regard that institution the major cause of the resident evil (Marx's greatest omission IMHO). But you're right in that the political dimension of the EU never really took off, always remained in the back seat, paying mere lip service to the economic system and realities in place. (I like, BTW, your self-identification as "libertarian communist."

    I do write now and then for BC (Blogcritics), and you can access some of my articles by clicking on my author's name. We do have a few, not too many, sharp thinkers, and the other kinds as well. It's a kind of "free for all," and sometimes it's fun. Your occasional visiting the site and posting a comment would surely be appreciated by some of us.

    My latest mini-article is linked to below:

    "Reflections on the Future of Capitalism - Or as Scavenger Hunt."

    As I said, your comment now and then would be most welcome. We need more bright lights such as yourself to help raise human consciousness.

    Roger Nowosielski

  2. As you show some surprise, I must say that "libertarian communist" or even "libertarian" alone is a traditional alternative name for anarchists. More senso strictu it'd be the name of the current inspired by Kropotkin.

    With time in the USA, because of their odd usage of the term "liberal" to mean "social-democrat" or even "socialist", it seems that the term "libertarian" has caught there to mean liberal in the classical sense: fanatic free market supporter. And nowadays is evolving to mean neofascist, an evolution that has also happened to some extent with the terms "liberal" and "democrat" here in Europe.

    But that's, I understand, a provincial deformation of language and we should never admit for global usage.

    In addition, in the late 20th century the situationist political current of Autonomism evolved and can well also be described as libertarian communism. Even some Trotskyists have evolved into that line.

    The political dimension of the EU is just one aspect: as I said it needs a social dimension (looking inside and outside) and a calculatedly weaker euro. Portugal cannot work with the DM.

  3. With the US Stock Markets set for a breathtaking collapse in 2013-14 I am sure the Euro Zone crisis will deepen. Looking forward to some real in-depth and analytical posts from you in the near future.

    Looks like the Political Crisis is deepening in your Neighbourhood Maju -

    Portugal's borrowing costs have risen sharply amid fears of a growing political crisis in the country. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23160037 Time for the South Europeans to take their destiny in their own hands before it is too Late!

    1. Electoral polls in Portugal suggest little change: the twin party continues. Of course the events may surpass the parliamentary frame but, hmmm... we'll see.


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