Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pathetic circus approves constitutional "reform" in the Kingdom of Borbonia

The Spanish Congress (lower house of Parliament) passed yesterday the hurried and unpopular reform to the neo-Fascist constitution of 1978. It has been the second only such reform made in the last 32-plus years and is perceived as an arbitrary imposition by the European Union and the IMF, lackeys, as the Spanish twin-party regime of the international bankster mafia or Capitalist International. Earlier it was reformed to allow other European citizens voting and running in local elections.

The new rule forbids the state from indebting beyond certain arbitrary ceiling that nobody really cares about because it is a matter of democracy (no referendum, almost no debate) and of sovereignty (it is perceived as a foreign imperialist imposition). 

But what was more pathetic of all is how it was imposed by the twin party PP-PSOE. The debate was directed by José Bono, the son of a Fascist and for years leading member of the PSOE half of the dual party: he forbade deputies from entering or leaving the house while voting in a gratuitous gesture that has been perceived as his trademark neofascist style. He also appealed to non-existent ad-hoc proceeding "rules" to allow any single deputy to be able to veto any amendment to the proposal. That way all the debate on self-determination that the various Catalan, Basque and Galician parties wanted to introduce was easily removed. All these parties ended voting against the reform or leaving the house altogether in protest for the imposition.

A big side-effect is that our semi-sovereign traditional institutions are also affected by this imposition, as the debt ceiling affects all autonomous entities, even those that are older than Spain itself, like the Basque provinces.

En fin the Spanish circus one day more... I doubt that this kind of irresponsible behavior will transmit any sort of tranquility anywhere because all the sensation is very much late Yugoslavian, so to say, where the Serbians are imposing but the system is falling apart precisely for reason of that imposition.

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