Friday, September 2, 2011

Nuclear nightmare's latest news

Most of what follows, oddly enough, is about the USA (although there's something from Japan too).

USA and Canada more affected by Fukushima than parts of Japan:

Models suggest that radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima has polluted more much of the USA than Western Japan. The models only indicate materials transported by air and not those transported by the Japanese regime (corporatocracy?) in form of legal but polluted food.

The model only shows up to April 6th, not even a month after the accident and seems to make the wrong assumption that after a few days the destroyed nuclear facility already stopped emitting (when we know it's been emitting all this time, even if at somewhat lower levels). Even with those limitations, the Western third of the USA and neighboring parts of Canada and Mexico (Baja California mostly) were reaching pollution levels comparable to those of Ireland or West France because of Chernobyl (which was contained a few months after the catastrophe). 

Situation estimated by March 6 2011 (logarithmic scale)

The comparison is, of course, misleading because, if those levels were reached in less than a month, today it should be 3-4 times greater, and by the time Fukushima Daiichi is finally contained, if it ever is (!!!), it could well be tens or even hundreds of times more polluted, reaching levels like those of Central Europe for reason of Chernobyl. In Central Europe food, including mushrooms, game... must be tested for radiation all the time for that reason: the area has been forever polluted at serious levels. 

And that is the situation I would expect for the Western USA and Canada, including Hawaii, Alaska and the neighboring areas of NE Siberia and Baja California unless a miracle happens... that won't.

··> CEREA (via Ex-SKF).

Attempt to reduce leaking to the sea
Japan will attempt to protect groundwater under Fukushima with steel barrier. To be installed by 2014... 

··> Mainchi (via EneNews).

North Anna NPP spent fuel depots damaged bu earthquake

··> CNN (via EneNews)

Witnesses confirm that black smoke arose from North Anna nuclear power plant in Virginia after the earthquake.

Radioactive slag used for road construction all around New York state.

··> WWIB, (via EneNews)


Two workers got drenched in radioactive water in Fukushima Daiichi ··> Ex-SKF.

Typhon headed against Japan will hit Fukushima coast ··> Washington Post (via EneNews).

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