Saturday, September 24, 2011

Demands of resignation of the mayor of Bilbao for mismanagement with the Kukutza social center conflict

The municipal group of Bildu (Basque Nationalist Left coalition) demanded the resignation of the mayor of Bilbao. Inaki Azkuna (PNV), for the mismanagement he has done with this issue from the beginning till the end.

In response to the claims of urban guerrilla by the mayor, Txema Azkuenaga said that the situation rather resembled the worst of fascism: a neighborhood occupied by police, hundreds of injured, open portals so the people could find refuge from police, injured seeking refuge in church, police entering the health center and stealing medical reports. 

They blamed Azkuna for all what has happened and demanded that the Town Hall must be with the people for the project Kukutza IV, which must be built starting now. 

A group has been created in Facebook under the moniker Azkuna Dimisión (Azkuna Resignation), gathering already more than a thousand members.

The 31 arrested, accused of public disorders, are expected to be set free in the upcoming hours. 

Source: Branka[es].

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