Thursday, September 29, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Sep 29) - Occupy USA movement

Main theme: Occupy Wall Street movement spreads through North America: 

Are we witnessing in North America something similar to what we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Greece or Spain? Hard to say but worth keeping an eye on it. 

Main references:

Outside US borders: Occupy Manchester (England)

Activities without known website (other than my bête noire, Facebook, or mere twitter hash tags) may be found at Occupy Together. They include cities in Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

Live feeds:
A video report by the people at NYC ··> PO.

Video reports by the people of Chicago ··> OccupyChicago.

Video report at Russia Today ··> PO.

Pickets disrupt foreclosure auctions in California ··> Naked Capitalism.

Opinion: Arun Gupta: The Revolution Begins at Home: a Clarion Call to Join the Wall Street Protests ··> AlterNet.

Liberty Sq.

Susan Sarandon joined the protests

Basque Country:

Errekalde neighbors demand the resignation of Bilbao Mayor Azkuna and Western Basque police chief Ares, for indiscriminate violence and fascist-like occupation of the neighborhood. They ask Amnesty International to investigate the repression  ··> Branka[es], SA[es].


Solidarity is not a crime
Police pushy against meeting (right) in solidarity with German internationalists, from Hamburg and Bremen, arrested in the eviction of Kukutza social center. Flo and Rafi are kept in the prison of Basauri, being the only people that remain under arrest for the Kukutza clashes ··> Sare Antifaxista[es/ge].

Bilbao: protest against visit by narco-terrorist Colombian ex-president Alvaro Uribe ··> Branka[es].

Marches for independence and socialism in the Gudari Eguna (Fighter's Day, Sep. 27th) across the country ··> Gara[es].


Switzerland to quit nuclear power altogether: by an overwhelming majority of the Council of States supported the measure that implies to close down all five existing reactors by 2034 and develop hydroelectric and wind power instead. The measure was approved by the lower house back in June. While nuclear power provides 40% of the country's energy demand, most of it comes from hydroelectricity. Nuclear research is allowed to continue ··> Washington Post, AGI.

West Asia:

Palestine: the struggle against genocide and apartheid continues every day ··> Ilan Against the Wall:
  • Anata: clashes between tree-planting Palestinians and tree-burning Zionist immigrants
  • Arakib: demo against the expulsion of Bedouins ('Israeli citizens') from their ancestral homes ··> video at YouTube.
  • Asirah, Nablus: three injured, including a 10 year-old boy and a journalist, after nazi style attack by settlers with Zionist-military support ··> video at YouTube.
  • Jalgulia: protest last Saturday against land-grabbing by Zionists
  • Nabi Saleh weekly protests ··> video at YouTube.
  • Nil'in: one protester was shot by the Zionist colonial forces in the weekly demo against the Apartheid Wall ··> Further info (and videos) at Nil'in village website.
  • Sheikh Jarrah: weekly protest on Friday.
  • South Hebron Hills: scheduled protests against land-grabbing and expulsions by Zionist planned genocide machine. 
  • Jerusalem: demo against eviction of (Jewish?) homeless squatters ··> video at YouTube.
  • Tel Aviv: vigil in memory of Ibrahim Zaza, 12, murdered by Israeli terrorist bombings in the Gaza Strip concentration camp ··> video at YouTube.

Saudi Arabia: woman to be lashed for driving (women are fighting that way against the Patriarchal oppression of the fundamentalist tyranny) ··> BBC.



Ontario: to jail for selling true milk. Michael Schmidt (pictured) convicted for 'selling' raw milk within a consumer cooperative created ex-professo. Meanwhile industrials who add bone powder to milk and other abuses remain at large ··>  Food Freedom.
Vancouver: Demand that Dick Cheney to be put to trial for war crimes ··> video at PO.

Ottawa: protest against tar sands exploitation ··> video at PO


Boston: Demand that Donald Rumsfeld be put to trial for war crimes ··> video at PO.

Palm Beach: Postal workers demonstrate against cuts ··> video at PO.

Secret plans to dump decommissioned nuclear reactors into the Ocean unveiled ··> EneNews, Asahi.

Honduras: Supreme Court judges who opposed coup persecuted by the totalitarian regime of Lobo ··> LINYM[es].

The three honest magistrates who opposed the coup

South Asia:

India: Telangana TRS workers repressed by police ··> video at PO.

East Asia:


Former PM Naoto Kan admits to have contemplated evacuating Tokyo (but was overwhelmed by the challenge). He did not even evacuate Fukushima, so... ··> EneNews, ABC.

TEPCO claims 'cold suhtdown' for reactor no. 2 at Fukushima Dai Ichi. This reactor was the only one not damaged in the outside but it had experienced explosions and meltdown anyhow ··> Critical analysis at Ex-SKF.

Tokyo will accept and burn radioactive waste ··> Ex-SKF.

Ocean currents prevent radiation from being diluted. Highest concentrations not necessarily closest to Fukushima ··> EneNews, NYT.

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