Saturday, September 24, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Sep 24)

Lots of infos piling up again in my "to do" folder. Here there's a synthesis:


Basque Country: 

Organized political prisoners adhere to the Gernika agreement that promotes exclusively political struggle ··> Gara[es].

Homage to Agoitz (Aoiz) neighbors murdered by the fascists in 1936 ··> SA[es].

French state: lots of activities by Spanish and French 'indignants' in Paris (from Spanish Revolution):

Spanish state: Protests against health cuts ··> video at PO.


Corfu occupied social center raided by police ··> Contra Info.

Thessaloniki bank attacked in solidarity with political prisoners who refuse internal body searches ··> Contra Info.

West Asia:


From Ilan against the Wall:
  • Al Akrib Bedouins marched against their forced relocation by Zionist invaders
  • Beit Ummar: aggressions by Zionist settlers and soldiers are constant. People demonstrated last Saturday
  • Biddu: demo last Sunday
  • Bil'in: demo against the apartheid wall
  • Hebron: Shuhada st. to be renamed Apartheid st.
  • Qalandia checkpoint (near Jerusalem): women demonstrate for Palestinian statehood
  • Nabih Saleh: protests against Zionist occupation
  • Sheikh Jarrah: Zionist settlers burned internationalists' tent. These had been supporting the Al Kurd family against racist expropriation. Demos all Fridays.
  • Wallaja (near Bethlehem): demo on Friday against the extension of Wall of Shame.
Thousands demand in Ramallah a Palestinian state ··> Gara[es].

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya denounces Abbas' maneouver in the UN as "scam" ··> VoltaireNet.


Libya: witch hunts by the NTC follow racist massacres ··> VoltaireNet.



More of the Take Wall Street movement ··> videos at PO (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), report at Washington Blog, AlterNet how-to-help article.

Arrests in protests against death penalty ··> video at PO.

Berkeley students protest rising costs ··> video at PO.

Bolivia: citizens clash with police on controversial jungle highway ··> video at PO.

Chile: student protests continue ··> videos at PO (1, 2), report at Disidente del Capitalismo[es].

They paint themselves of democracy but are made of dictatorship. Free education.

South Asia:

India: Mutiny and hunger strike among counter-insurgency troops ··> Revolution in South Asia.

East Asia:

Indonesia: Miniskirt protest against cultural and legal dictatorship on how to dress ··> video at PO.


Video of the large anti-nuclear demo in Tokyo ··> PO.

Typhon hits Fukushima damaged nuclear power plant (effects still unclear, besides spreading radiation all around) ··> Fukushima Diary



Another anti-Zionist demo in Sydney ··> video at PO.

Rooftop protest against asylum-seekers arrests (also in protest) ··> video at PO.


The Pillaging of Latvia by Anders Aslund ··> Counterpunch.

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