Sunday, September 11, 2011

Japan: Antinuclear protests faced by Yakuza's fascist gangs

Japan is awakening to the reality that their government has betrayed them for the Big Capital. Guess we should expect that as 'normal' when we live under Capitalist regimes but we usually do not, brainwashed as we are by the sweet dream of 'democracy' and 'welfare'. But also because we really can't easily accept that society is not something more than mere Capitalist exploitation an abuse.

So they are going out to the streets by the thousands and tens of thousands... much more than you usually see in any Japanese protest. After all their own lives, and, more importantly, the lives of their children and grandchildren are on the table.

Not just that, I'd say that the lack of credibility on matters of radiation of the Japanese government and industry will cause a massive economic implosion very soon. Sincerely, would you buy Japanese products knowing that the authorities are more interested in short-term selling than in long-term respectability and credit? Knowing that what you buy may well be extremely contaminated?

We usually don't go to the shop with a Geiger counter. Maybe we should these days but we do not because we are used to trust the authorities on these matters... at least to some point. But in Japan they are making every effort to make sure we cannot trust them: giving radioactive food to children in schools, commercializing radioactive tobacco and tea, sending overseas radioactive cargoes, claiming that we could drink plutonium...

It is such a denial of reality that can only cause much bigger problems. Common Japanese citizens know that intuitively and are beginning to react.

And there comes not just police, that also, but the far right gangs, which are closely tied to the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia.

Fukushima Diary reports today on major protests at Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Miyagi, Shimane, etc. and how police impeded the normal development of the demo, bringing far right clash squads, paid by the Yakuza, with them.

The Yakuza clash gangs accused one demonstrator as "criminal" (apparently for no reason) and the police arrested this man. Not just that, the Yakuza went to his home an beat his wife after that.

Video of one of the demos (Tokyo I guess) and how police arrest one person for no apparent reason (all sounds and texts are in Japanese):


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