Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest from Fukushima: extreme risk of hydrogen explosion

A leak from a Fukushima worker reports that they are scared to death and that the Japanese Military (Self Defense Forces) has stopped collaborating with TEPCO because they distrust them.

The troubled company (which should have been intervened by the government on March 13) only decided to test for flammable gases in the last minute before cutting the pipes, which now happen to have probably 100% hydrogen in them. Contact with air would cause a explosion and any explosion would scatter more radioactive materials and make the situation even worse. 

Workers believe that it is radiation itself which is generating hydrogen out of water, i.e. this hydrogen is no remnant of the previous explosions (one of which has been speculated to have been a true nuclear explosion) but wholly new created hydrogen,

Meanwhile the government is going to lift the tiny mandatory evacuation area (go figure!), as if everything would be alright. 

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