Sunday, September 4, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Sep 4)

All genders company Jaizkibel at press conference
Basque Country: illegitimate Basque government supports steps back in the fight against machismo in Bidasoa towns. In spite of its "socialist" pretense the government of López and Ares forces the official all genders Alarde (parade) into hiding ··> Gara[es].

Europe: 22.7 millions (9.5% active workers) unemployed, says Eustat, 15.7 million only in European Union ··> SA[es].

England: 60 Nazis of the EDL arrested for taking part in illegal rallies in London. Antifascists managed to gather 1500 in West London but were prevented from directly confronting the thousand or so Nazis by the police ··> SA[es].

England: Israel Philarmonic Orchestra boycotted by protesters who shouted against Apartheid and genocide ··> video at PO.

Germany: 4000 antifascists confront 700 Nazis in Dortmund, police defends the Nazis ··> SA[es], DQG[ger].

Germany: beginning of protest camp in Berlin ··> video at PO[ger].

Norway: Breivik's 'mentor', British citizen Paul Ray, declares to police and denies any link ··> SA[es].

Spain: the village of Méntrida calls a rally for "the fallen for God", i.e. the Christian Fundamentalist Fascists of Franco and co. Again the call comes from "moderate",  "democratic" and "center" Popular Party, likely to win the upcoming elections ··> SA[es].

Turkey: Israel ambassador expelled. The Apartheid regime of Tel Aviv more and more isolated ··> The Guardian.

Turkey/Palestine: Ankara will refer Zionist blockade of Gaza to The Hague Court ··> Justice

Palestine: Wikileaks cables expose Israeli racism, hypocrisy and double standards ··> Uruknet.

Palestine: segregated schools also in Tel Aviv ··> Uruknet.

Iraq: US troops murdered children and then asked for an air attack to destroy the evidence, Wikileaks cables reveal ··> The Beirut Herald[es].

Yemen: anti-government protests continue. Saleh still clinging to power in spite of massive popular opposition ··> video at PO, and another video of 'millions' also at PO.

Libya: US high profile politicians supported Gaddafi ··> Al Jazeera.

Libya: I was tied to a tank and used as human shield, tells Gaddafi's prisoner ··> Gara[es].

D.R. Congo: Police attacks opposition protesters at Kinshasa ··> video at PO.

USA: toxic dust legacy for 9/11 workers 10 years on ··> BBC, SD.

USA: Cherokee freedmen (former black or mixed slaves) protest demanding Cherokee Nation citizenship rights, which they were stripped from in a most racist decision by the Cherokee Nation ··> video at PO.

USA/Economy/Opinion: Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite, They Start Turning On Each Other ··> Washington's Blog.

Guatemala: US Nazi-like experiments infected 2500 ··> BBC.

Honduras: Olvin David González Godoy, 24, latest victim of the death squads in Bajo Aguán ··> LINYM[es]

Chile: second injured by police bullets, died at hospital ··> Contra Info

Chile: kissing protest against education cuts ··> video at PO.

Nepal: Maoist internal rift deepens on the key issue of disarmament ··> Revolution in South Asia.

Nepal: new 'Maoist' Prime Minister, Baburam Bhattarai already betraying everything: guaranteeing Indian capitalists exploitation rights ··> Revolution in South Asia.

Japan: short movie Blind on surreal nuclear Tokyo:

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