Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alert: teenagers kidnapped and probably murdered by police in Bajo Aguán (Honduras).

Yesterday September 19th, some 600 soldiers and policemen surrounded the community of Rigores and, not finding a single adult, they took the children - at last 15, their destiny remaining unknown. 

Then they burned several houses and deployed a search for the adults. 

In Nueva Vida, two youths, Santos Bernabé Cruz Aldana (16) and Darwin Leonel Cartagena (15), were kidnapped by the troops and then a shooting was heard where they had been brought to, so it's believed that they were murdered on the spot (update: at least Santos remained alive see update at bottom).

The action seems to respond to a threat issued  by the police force of Tocoa, Colón, saying that if they returned to their homes and lands, they would go after them.

The state terrorism that reigns in Honduras since the ascension of the fascist junta of Porfirio Lobo has no comparison in all America, save maybe Colombia. That's the model promoted by the Empire: fascist terror.

Source: LINYM[es].

Update (Sep 21): boy tortured, homes burned by police

Santos Bernabé Cruz Aldana reported tortures:

They put a plastic bag on my head and spilled gasoline all over my body, they kicked me and threatened to throw me to the river. 

They asked: 'where are the guerrillas?'

Uh, what guerrillas? There is no guerrilla in Honduras: all the organized resistance has been peaceful.

More police/military forces arrived later on Tuesday burning homes, destroying furniture and beating people.

Source: LINYM[es].

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