Saturday, September 10, 2011

Basque TV ETB (under imposed Spanish administration) allows Nazi terrorists on camera

I saw the guy on TV accidentally, debating on immigration, but he was so nasty that I switched channel immediately. It did not surprise me too much because ETB since the arrival of the illegitimate government of Spanish Nationalist López ("chosen" in farce polls where most important parties could not run because of Spanish impositions), it has included mostly Spanish Nationalist and Right-wing extremist from the institutional parties. However the allowance of this guy is a step too far. 

J.I. Irusta Sánchez was arrested in 2009 for his belonging to the terrorist organization Falange y Tradición, guilty of death threats against various people, including a most important icon of the Bilbao fiestas: the txupinera Sonia Polo. In spite of being armed and organized the Spanish courts avoided any indictment and he's now free. Would have been a Basque Nationalist he'd been sentenced to 30 years or even de facto life sentence.

Yesterday night he was on TV debating on immigration... or rather insulting the sensibilities of everybody. 

This demonstrates once again and sadly enough that the Basque Country is suffering a total state of exception under the boot of the undead Spanish Fascism.

Since the Spanish Nationalists took power in the autonomous community of the Western Basque Country and imposed their unilateral agenda on ETB the public TV channel has lost most audience. 

But this is just too much. 

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

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