Saturday, September 10, 2011

Survive the Tea Party Zombie apocalypse

Even if there is no such thing as a Tea Party by that name where I live, their clones do exist and may be even older prototypes over here. Whatever the case I can perfectly understand why someone created an online browser game that is about shooting down the Tea Party zombies and surviving the apocalypse. 

I played the easy version and they ate my brain. The Koch Brothers super boss zombie was too much for my limited zombie-apocalypse survival skills. 

The game has of course caused some protests by the zombies, who claim their right to eat your brains and what not. So hurry up and play before it's banned:


As in every zombie invasion brainless rednecks make up the cannon fodder

It's free and you just need your browser to play.

PS- After playing the game (and completing, with a little cheat) I feel it's too pro-Obama and pro-Democratic Party. Still, the Teabaggers (and local clones), zombies or not, suck so much that the game is enjoyable in spite of the pro-establishment propaganda and the fact that I despise first person shooters.

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