Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thousands take Errekaldeberri in solidarity with evicted Kukutza social center

More images at Gara
Yesterday afternoon I shook off my laziness and went to the demo in solidarity with Kukutza gaztetxea, the occupied social center that police had evicted in the morning. As I walked out the train station I was truly impressed at the crowd gathered just outside the doors.

Later, before we set off, I counted the people gathered at the plaza and I estimated some 5000, maybe more. This figure is confirmed by some media, so it was probably right.

Upon turning the corner of Gordoniz street, there was no room left anywhere, so massive was the response. 13 years of cultural activitism paid off: people came from all the metropolitan area and even from outside the city in spite of the short notice. Errekaldeberri has not seen such a mobilization in decades, if ever.


There have been more than 30 arrested, the demolition has been suspended by the judge (on technical reasons, I understand). 

Mayor Azkuna says: Go ahead! It's just culture (Tasio)


Another video of the demo can be watched at Gara.

The mayor of Bilbao (Christian Fundamentalists, PNV) and the imposed councilor of interior (pro-Spanish Social-Democrat, PSOE) converge in excusing the violence of the police on supposed aggressions by people in the gaztetxe, who only used nonviolence all the time. In this line mayor Azkuna considers that the problem is not the police and lack of centers of popular culture (something other than the Guggenheim junk for German tourists, something directly managed by the people and for the people, such as Kukutza used to be) but for him the problem is Kukutza itself ··> Gara[es].


Further protests today evening have got police injuring and arresting people by the dozens ··> SA[es]

There was another protest before the tribunals this morning. They demanded the resignation of the Councilor of Interior (regional police chief), R. Ares, for causing 40 injured without any reason at all ··> Branka[eu].

Labor union LAB  denounced that the town hall also closed the city center of Errekaldeberri yesterday for no reason at all: leaving in the same journey the neighborhood without any cultural or civic service whatsoever, be it self-managed or managed from the town hall ··> Branka[eu].

Update (Fri 23): The court has ruled that the demolition of the building can go ahead, there's a call to defend Kukutza. 

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