Monday, September 5, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Sep 6)

Basque Country: Anniversary of the formal announcement of ceasefire by ETA. The ceasefire has been mostly ignored by the Spanish state but at least it has favored semi-free local and regional elections that have demonstrated once again that the socialist and independentist movement is the first political force of this country and that Spanish nationalists are minority. 

Basque Country: Two Navarrese citizens put to trial for opposing the High Speed Train (AHT-TAV). The demo of Urbina (Jan 2009) was peaceful yet Police charged physically once and again and now they are charging juridically with false accusations. In the Spanish legal system if a police agent says you are guilty, then you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence, what the judge usually will make sure you cannot do (I have gone through that myself, I know how it works) ··> Ateak Ireki[es].

Spain/France/Vatican: Pope will pray for imprisoned Nazi bookseller P. Varela, imprisoned for apology of Nazism in France. We should not forget that Ratzinger was member of the Hitlerian Youth himself (and later Chief Inquisitor) ··> SA[es].

Romania: 100 Nazis demonstrate without trouble through Timisoara provoking the Roma community. Some of these gathered in prevention of an attack of the kind that have been way too common in nearby Hungary (Timisoara is a largely Hungarian city). Around 25% of Romanians are Roma (Gypsy) ··> SA[es].

Libya: Gaddafi collaborated with Bush and Blair in the deportation and torture scheme of political prisoners ··> Atilio Boron[es].

Korea: large protest against Jeju island military base. Mainland Koreans join the Jeju island natives ··> video at PO.

Opinion/Science/Environment/Economy: Labor and Agroecology Day (a review of the potential of environmentally friendly agriculture) ··> article by Russ at Volatility.

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