Thursday, September 8, 2011

Honduras: iconic fighter Emmo Sadloo assasinated

It should be obvious by now for any observer that Honduras under Lobo and his sui-generis Junta is not different from Chile under Pinochet or Germany under Hitler: political assasination has in all cases become a routine.

Mahadeo Roopchand "Emmo" Sadloo Sadloo, an Honduran citizen and worker of Indian origin, had been attacked in some media on xenophobic grounds because he was an unconditional and quite visible supporter of democracy and the last elect President, Manuel Zelaya. He was pointed at as "evidence" of "foreign involvement" in the Resistance against the coup, regardless he had been living in Honduras for 35 years and fathered 10 children in that country (from two different marriages), regardless that he was naturalized as Honduran citizen. 

The final blow came today: he was murdered by a death squad of the regime, some brown shirts without uniform, state terrorists that will probably never be prosecuted, shot him several times in his shop. He was declared dead upon arrival to hospital. 

The murder took place after Emmo had participated at a protest before the Appeals Court, demanding freedom for Alfredo López Lanza and an end to judicial submission to the coup. 

The last legitimately elect President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, considered this murder as a crime against all us. Similar declarations came from speakers of the National Pepople's Resistance Front (FRNP), which agglutinates all or most popular organizations for the restoration of legitimacy and democracy in the Central America state.

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