Sunday, September 18, 2011

Echoes of the class war (Sep 18)

Basque Country:

Thousands demonstrate under the rain in Donostia (San Sebastian) demanding an end to the cruelty suffered by Basque prisoners, scattered through the French and Spanish states, demanding their repatriation to the Basque Country ··> Gara[es].

With all the rights, Basque prisoners to the Basque Country

Among the many protests worldwide under the slogan 'Occupy Wall Street', hundreds gathered at the stock market of Bilbao as well demanding an economy for the people and a fair distribution of wealth ··> Branka[es].

The institutional presence of the Basque Nationalist Left guarantees that saving  banks' fusion retain their public service character to a great extent, remaining public property as well ··> Branka[es].

Galician-Basque director Tinieblas González denounces widespread corruption in Spanish cinema industry, using public subsidies as profit and never showing the movies in cinemas ··> SA[es].


Italy: anti-austerity protests ··> video at PO.

Greece: anti-austerity protests continue ··> video at PO.

Britain: electricians strike against forced cuts and category divisions ··> The Commune.

Britain: police attempts that journalists disclose sources using emergency law ··> The Guardian.

Victims of Catholic pedophilia mafia demand that Ratzinger be tried at the International Criminal Court, for covering up the abuse ring ··> BBC.

Norway: Breivik's party loses in new elections but votes go to their conservative clones. Still the neofascists get  almost 12% of the vote, indicating that a good share of the oil-pampered Norwegian population sympathizes with the Zionist Crusader Fascism of the Monster of Utöya ··> BBC.

Germany: police protects Nenonazi meeting in Berlin ··> photogallery at SA[es].

Poland: Nazi attack against Holocaust memory monument at Byalistok ··> SA[es].

French state: nuclear giant Areva shuts down two uranium plants as demand for nuclear fuel goes down after Fukushima ··> EneNews.

Zionism and anti-Zionism:

Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan as people moves to throw them out ··> Jews sans frontieres, video at PO... and yet another video.

USA and UK to boycott UN conference on racism. The fact that today the most aggravating case of institutional racism is Israel, brings them to accuse the anti-racist movement of "anti-semitism" in a most hypocritical farce ··> SA[es].

On the positive side, a new, in development, documentary shows the changing attitude of US Jews, more and more of which are becoming anti-Zionists. The documentary is titled 'Some of my best friends are Zionists' and you can watch the development trailer at Jews sans frontieres.

Zionist company dedicated to export illegal settlers' agricultural  produce, Agresco,  liquidated. Boycott Israel campaign celebrates ··> Jews sans frontieres.

US citizens protest subsidies to Apartheid ··> video at PO... and another video from NYC.


South Carolina: MOX (plutonium-plus) fuel nuclear power plant being built in this US state ··> EneNews (with photos and video).

Chile: another deadly victim of neofascist repression on the day of Pinochet's bloody coup: Christopher Ramos Contreras, 22, was shot down in Villa Francia, a suburb of Santiago, on Sep 11th ··> Contra Info.

Chile: more students' protests ··> video at PO.

Argentina: citizens protest labor programs ··> video at PO

East Asia:

Japan: Frenchman brutally arrested for no reason at Tokyo, his Japanese wife beaten ··> Fukushima Diary (incl. video).

Tokyo makes radioactive landfill at bay ··> Ex-SKF

Unconfirmed report claims reactor no. 4 at Fukushima Dai Ichi had huge explosion on March 15 (it would explain the outer and inner known structural damages) ··> Fukushima Diary.

TEPCO makes citizens pay for kindergarten decontamination ··> Fukushima Diary.

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