Monday, September 5, 2011

External article: Liverpool police on the offensive (state of exception in the UK)

James Roberts at The Commune discusses the establishment of state of exception in neighborhoods of Liverpool and other English cities. Police forces "dispersal" of any gathering of more than two people, specially if young. 

I noticed the same legislation had not long been introduced where I live in Toxteth. Indeed the area is one of three ‘Section 30 dispersal zones’ that  cover the whole of Liverpool 8 – alongside further clusters of them beyond here in Garston and Speke, (two of the areas that people travelled from to Liverpool 8 during the rioting). They are broadly similar to those outlined in Dawn’s article, except that here officers don’t have to believe anybody’s presence is likely to cause harassment or distress. Simply their presence in groups of more than two is enough for police to ‘disperse’ them under threat of arrest.

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