Friday, September 23, 2011

The accident of Marcoule was radioactive (hidden by France)

The recent accident at a nuclear facility at Marcoule (Occitania or "SE France", near Avignon) was seriously radioactive in spite of the claims by the Sarkozy government and the nuclear industry that it was a mere industrial accident with no radiation danger. 

An anonymous source already informed back in the day (Sep 12) that there was risk of radioactive leak. 

Now we have known that the dead worker, José Marín, was seriously irradiated: his coffin was sealed with a radiation protection (lead) and the family could never see or even approach the corpse, which has not had any autopsy either. 

The corpse was rescued from the exploded oven by special NRBC unit and the public attorney authorized an exceptional lack of autopsy.

One of the injured workers, with third degree burns on 85% of his body, is in a military hospital in Paris, what allows the all-powerful French Armed Forces strict control on any information on his health state. 

The nature of the radioactive junk being burned in the exploded oven is also a secret. Even the information of the residue of the filters has been declared secret. The oven was meant mostly to burn, mostly military, radioactive junk, accumulated in the center since 1958.

Source: Público[es], via EneNews.


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