Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fiesta! Zionist embassy in Cairo occupied by protesters

A protester grabs the Zionist banner
Sounds like the Apartheid regime in Palestine, aka Israel, is losing at all fronts at the same time: inside the settler youth are upset at the cost of living and, even if most do not question the regime, in which they are pampered, they anyhow exert unprecedented and unexpected pressure on the racist dictatorship. 

Meanwhile Turkey, a NATO member, has declared that it will escort with military ships future delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. As it is most unlikely that Israel can defeat Turkey without resorting to nukes (and Turkey has control of US nukes deployed in Turkey) this is s very uneasy situation in which the Tel Aviv regime can only lose (even if the rest of NATO does not back Turkey - what should be an existential crisis for the alliance in any case). 

In Syria the, nominally hostile but de facto stabilizing, Assad regime is facing impossible internal pressure that is being quelled with bloodshed. A revolutionary and democratic Syria would no doubt be more actively hostile to Israel, if nothing else by means of popular movements like the ones we are seeing in Egypt. 

And finally in Egypt we are witnessing this massive movement that goes one step beyond the internal affairs and reaches out to their neighbors in Palestine. Sure, Egypt will not declare war on Israel (nor that would be desirable) but recognition of the Zionist regime is already factually undone and will no doubt be ratified by whichever government comes out of the polls this fall. 

I do have the impression that we are watching the last years of Israel, which will no doubt implode sooner than later for lack of any legitimacy whatsoever. 

However healing the wounds of more than six decades of genocide, apartheid, racism and colonialism will be very hard. So the Jewish inhabitants of Palestine (aka Israelis) would do best to work that out the sooner the better, because otherwise I see them becoming refugees in Europe or North America. And dangerous refugees, because I would not welcome a Chetnik in my town, so I would not welcome a Zionist either.

References fro the occupation of the Zionist embassy: Justice, BBC, Al Jazeera.

Update: Jews sans frontieres titles today: Egyptian people cut diplomatic relations with Israel. I think it pretty much sums it up: it does not matter what the (provisional, undemocratic) authorities say, the People has spoken again.

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