Friday, March 30, 2012

Unemployed begin protest in church in Pamplona

A group of unemployed people from Pamplona have begun a protest in a local church, where they pretend to remain to call the public attention towards their demands:

We enclose ourselves in order to demand the sharing of work and wealth and, while we are unemployed, a dignified subsidy for all the unemployed. (...) It is immoral that so many million euros are injected into banks and capitalists while such fundamental needs as the basic income, education or health are being cut.

We also enclose ourselves to make an appeal to the people to stay in the streets until we put an end to the cuts and labor reforms, which only generate more unemployment and therefore social exclusion. This is not something we make up but something that the very designers of these reforms admit to. 

They have called for a protest tomorrow at 20:00 in Plaza Recoletas.

Source: Ateak Ireki.

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