Monday, March 12, 2012

As many as 21 people killed by the latest Zionazi attacks against civilians in Gaza

Victims of the latest Zionazi attacks
The genocidal Zionist attacks against Gaza strip, which began three days ago have already killed five people, including a minor and an elderly man, injuring many many more. The exact extent of the destruction is not well known but remember that Israel has in the past used extremely harmful and long-term poisonous weapons like depleted uranium, napalm and the like, regardless that they attacked civilian areas under their unilateral military occupation. 

The Neonazi racist ideas implicit in the formation of Israel, imply that non-Jewish lives are not worth anything, what, even in just the concept it is a crime against everything good and humanist, never mind Human Rights. 

Israel must be stopped, boycotted, isolated and destroyed. Not to genocide! Not to apartheid! Not to the colonial Zionist state in Palestine (or anywhere)!

Source: Gara[es].

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