Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tamil Nadu: Many arrested in protests against nuclear power plant

The nuclear power plant is being built in Kudankulam (Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India) and, if the government has its way, it will be at full power in six months. 

Ironically, in the aftermath of Fukushima, the state government declared that people has nothing to fear from the nuclear facility.  As many as six reactors (the same number as in Fukushima) are expected to be built in the facility. 

Fishermen, farmers and other workers concentrated at St. Lourdes (sic) church in protest were rounded by the police (about 100 arrested).  Meanwhile subsidies to charities and even to the Catholic Church, accused of backing the anti-nuclear movement, were frozen in a clear act of institutional blackmail. 

A German living in the area and apparently unrelated to the protests was deported, a Fukushima resident heading to give a conference was denied entrance.

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