Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Police controls and threats to citizens in Bilbao main green zone

The city of Bilbao does not have much space nor have many parks but something it does have is mountains. Notably the Pagasarri mountain is a major leisure area in spite of the relative hardiness of its access and is frequented by citizens in weekends and weekdays alike. 

But since a new highway was opened near it the Spanish military police corps Guardia Civil, which has nothing else to do but have not been made redundant in spite of the budgetary cuts, have got the custom of going to the mountain to bother citizens, including families with young children, asking for their identifications and even interrogating them about their private life.

This attitude can only be intended to create a climate of terror among the citizenry and to hush us away from our only accessible and sizable green area.

Some days this city feels like a prison. 

Ref.: Gara[es].

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