Friday, March 16, 2012

Amnesty International denounces police abuses and lack of real democracy in Spain

The Secretary General of Amnesty International, Shalil Shetty, has been visiting Madrid and has denounced the major abuses of police against Basques and the illegalization of a major Basque party (Sortu). He also asked for Basque prisoners to be moved to the Basque Country and for the Spanish government to be more open in order to take advantage of the current situation and advance towards Human Rights. 

Not that anything of that matters to the heirs of Franco who rule in Moncloa after him. Human Rights? Rajoy would be rolling on his back laughing... if he could even smile.

Shetty was very specific on his criticism of not just the Law of Political Parties, which is the pretext to ban Sortu (or any other party that the heirs of Franco deem inconvenient) but also many articles (571-589) of the Penal Code: those that make reference to terrorist organizations and groups, crimes of terrorism, crimes of treason or against peace or against the independence of the state and crimes related to national defense, whose redaction he finds utterly ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Source: Gara[es].

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