Sunday, March 4, 2012

Police violence overshadows the homage to the victims of 1976 police violence

The demo
Like every year, the five workers murdered by police in March 3rd 1976 under the command of recently deceased fascist politician Manuel Fraga (founder of the PP party now in power in Spain), were paid popular homage by the Basque People in Vitoria-Gasteiz. 

Exceptionally the imposed 'Basque Government' attempted to take control of the homage by making an institutional act for the press (never before in all these 36 years) and letting the dogs loose. Since the morning, police vans patrolled the area, announcing that they would make their best to turn this popular homage into violence.

Further homages were made through the day, at noon it was the parties allied in Amaiur (Basque Independentist Left), in the evening it were the majority labor unions, ELA and LAB, followed by a large demonstration through the streets of Gasteiz. 

Front of the march
Some young people displayed five fake coffins before the Spanish Government Delegation. It was then when police first attacked, even if they were about to leave. They caused 15 injured and arrested three.

Then they charged against people in other areas of the city. Finally at night, they went to the hospital and arrested another person they had injured.

And this is how we live: under 'democracy' as under fascism, petty dictators appointed from outside impose their violence with a police badge. 

Sources: Gara[es], Berria[eu].

See also: "Death bells" documentary on the workers massacre of March 3rd 1976 in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spanish language).

Update: the four arrested have been set free, probably with false charges (source: SA[es]).

Update: video of the coffins' protest and police attack (via SA):

Update: According to Gazte Komunisten Kolectiboak (Communist Youth Groups), the 15 injured are seriously enough to be at hospital, one of which has been intervened surgically.

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