Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fukushima catastrophe anniversary: bird population has collapsed twice as in Chernobyl

That says much more that all the propaganda about the disaster being over (murderous bullshit!), decontamination (a ridiculous farce) and reconstruction (go figure!)

If bird population has fallen twice as in Chernobyl, that means that the Fukushima disaster is much worse than Chernobyl, something that all Japanese politicians (and Western ones, let's not deceive ourselves thinking this is a mere Japanese problem) would want to deny in a most pathetic buffoonish show of incompetence and corruption.

Source: Energy News, citing yet another made-up article at Wall Street Journal.

And it is this camouflage of the disastrous reality also in Western media what worries me the most. Tomorrow Garoña (way too similar to Fukushima in design, and similarly old) could explode and the same media would say that everything is all right and that my nieces and nephews would have to stay here and not allowed to be relocated as nuclear refugees, as it's happening with Japanese citizens, who get only lies and no useful help from their government, never mind the so-called international community.

Meanwhile Japanese citizens, already most wary of what both major political parties say (lies and more lies), became even more astonished yesterday when an expert informed in TV (source: Energy News again) that almost any earthquake could aggravate the risks and cause the end of Tokyo.

But let's get real: all the Eastern (or Northern) half of Honsu island is affected, the damage is scattered with some randomness in places like Tokyo but it is very real. Besides almost the whole of Fukushima prefecture should have been evacuated since day one, yet the inhabitants are being left to languish and die by such a cheapskate state that is not worth that name anymore (being more adequate the one of murderous mafia).

The World should be, as Germany and Italy did in the aftermath of the disaster, totally reconsidering nuclear but if the destruction of the third global economy, of a metropolis the size of Tokyo, is not shaking the World, it seems unavoidable that yet another and maybe several such disasters will happen before we wake up. It can be in Europe (West Europe notably has tremendous concentration of, often old, nuclear power plants), the former USSR, the USA, China, India, Palestine (Israel) or Iran... I can't forecast but it looks very bad.

In March 26th I mentioned, based on two Chinese airport detection, that Central Japan was already being affected by radiation. Naturally, the worst came in the aftermath of the two nuclear explosions that rocked the island, but as I also said then, radiation is forever.

That means that you cannot effectively decontaminate (what a macabre farce!) and that any area touched by enough radioactive pollution will remain affected forever (in human terms). Also it will tend to scatter around by means of wind, water flows and even pollen.

My rough estimate of the worst affected area (dotted line), March 2011

I understand that it's so apocalyptic that we are having trouble coming to terms with this disaster, accepting that is real (and radiation being invisible and killing mostly slowly does not help). But what is really a problem is when the people in power, those who are supposed to make responsible decisions, stay in denial like the immature idiots they truly are. 

I can only imagine these people, our institutional leaders, as total addicts to money (and whatever they buy with it) and as such junkies they do not care about anything that is not getting their regular dose. And they will do anything for it - absolutely anything short of jumping down a cliff (throwing their mothers and children down that same cliff... they will, no doubt).

But will the people swallow? For how long?

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