Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zionist massacre in Gaza - 15 kiled, many wounded - funeral attacked

Zionist forces have launched a murderous attack against civilian areas of Gaza, which they formally occupy (and hence are legally responsible for). 

The Zionist forces attacked civilian areas from the air, killing as many as 15 people (of which many but not all are claimed to be "activists", whatever that means). The Zionist airplanes attacked a funeral procession also, injuring many.

The attacks against the largest concentration camp on Earth (or largest ghetto if you wish) are pretexted as retaliation against rockets launched by the Islamic Jihad, which in turn were retaliation against the murder of one of their leaders by yet another Zionist air attack. 

There is some fear that this could descend into another genocidal attack like the so-called operation Cast Lead, which left Gaza devastated while Nobel Prize and elect US President Obama said not a single word of condemnation. Some analysts even speculate on the attack becoming one against Egypt, specially as tensions between Cairo and Washington have been growing in the last weeks.

Note: I'm using the relevance of mentioning this attack to reconsider mainstream media I visit more or less regularly: BBC is out from my list, so is The Guardian. None of them even bother mentioning it in any relevant position. You could end the day totally ignorant of this most important development would it be for these partisan media.

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