Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brief review of the latest fascist attacks in Chile and Catalan Countries

Daniel Zamudio (pictured), who was left in coma after a Nazi homophobic attack in Santiago de Chile died today in hospital at the age of 24 (··> SA[es]).

Albert M.G., 16, who was brutally attacked by  Nazis in Manresa (Catalonia) weeks ago, tells how he pretended to be dead and even visualized how bad he must look when he did. He has clear that the Nazi gang wanted to kill him (··> SA[cat]). 

Security guards brutally beat communist youths in Valencia, when these were looking for places to put their general strike propaganda posters. When municipal police intervened the agents justified the guards' violence saying that the logical thing would have been to shoot them down, go figure! (··> SA[es]).

This is the situation: fascist death squads are every day more common and the next victim could be you or someone you love. 

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