Thursday, March 22, 2012

Student strike heats the ambient for the general strike next week - two arrested

Students in Pamplona took out to the streets today[eu] in a strike in defense of public education, performing a sit-in before the Education Department. 

Yesterday they occupied a high school[es] and performed road cuts[eu]

Two people were arrested at some point (unsure of the details right now) sparking protests also before a police station today.

Police evicted occupants at Eunate H.S. yesterday
Sit-in before the Education Department today
Sit-in before police station in solidarity with the arrested (today also)

All images and info from Ateak Ireki (specific links in-text).


Gara[es] reports that the arrests happened in the popular neighborhood of Txantrea, which has a long history of class struggle and self-organization. They are not either clear on the details: it may well be that there was some clash between police and the students, who might have thrown over some trash containers or something.

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