Monday, March 19, 2012

Japan bans foreign radiation dosimeters, Geiger counters

Fukushima Diary reports that radiation dosimeters not built in Japan have been banned to sell in the East Asian state. This includes repairs of already sold or gifted Geiger counters.

Iori Mochizuki also mentions that after last year's catastrophe, thousands of dosimeters were donated to Japan from outside, however as many as 40,000  are missing (the authorities dumped them probably). 

In a separate post, the same author mentions that some among the corrupt Japanese elite, (specifically the vice-governor of Tokyo, Mr. Inose) are considering restoring conscription (abolished after WWII) in order to send the Japanese youth to work in Fukushima forcibly instead of the seemingly costly subcontractors, which he compares with mercenaries. 

Of course, he has not volunteered himself to clean up the radioactive rubble, talk about shamelessness and hypocrisy!

A personal warning for the Japanese people: either you go out to the streets massively now and throw down the current regime of you will live in a totalitarian state worse than North Korea very soon. Why do I say that worse than North Korea? Because in that state so far there is no widespread radiation pollution being scattered around by corporate mafioso madmen, as happens in Japan.

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