Sunday, March 25, 2012

The people throws class war against militarism in Greece's national day

In spite of the massive deployment of police to defend the military parades, the people of the troubled Balcanic country has not felt intimidated by the illegitimate IMF government show of force and went out to clash with the police and force the military buffoonery into a halt.

Crete has been so far one of the most active areas and this case was not different: the military parade through the capital Heraklion had to be canceled. An anti-memorandum demo was held in its place. 

Images from Crete TV:

In Patras the parade was held only thanks to massive use of tear gas and police violence. As soon as it ended, the cops were forced to retreat. 

Probably there is much more going on. I just do not know yet.

Update: Contra Info reports of police raid in the Autonomous Hangout (occupied social center?) Baruti, in the town of Veria (Macedonia), confiscating everything they could find (furniture, books, posters). 26 or 29 people were arrested and charged with "insulting authority" and "posession of weapons" (not reported anywhere to exist at all, maybe a pocket knife?). At least 400 police agents took over Veria today.

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