Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inquisition jails 18 citizens of Laudio for protesting the illegalization of the ruling party

Laudio (also known as Llodio in Spanish) is a small industrial town between Bilbao and Vitoria-Gazteiz. It has been always governed by Basque Nationalist options for as long as free elections were in place.

Upon the stubborn illegalization of the Basque Nationalist Left by the occupant power (Spain) some citizens performed a protest in the town hall which has nothing of peculiar nor violent, specially if we listen to what the police witnesses said.

However, even if the state attorney wanted to charge just misdemeanors, the 18 Basque citizens were brought to the Spanish political tribunal Audiencia Nacional (alias New Inquisition) with charges of terrorism. The accusation, a bunch of Spanish fascists from the ruling PP party, asked for 76 years.

That's what many Spaniards understand as justice: if you're Basque and proud, then rot in jail.

In the end the Inquisition has in fact condemned 16 of the accused to two months in jail for crime against the institutions of the State, wile two others got a whole year in prison for aggression. Individual sentences for injuries and threats were also issued on the same unlikely grounds.

Police agents and private bodyguards all attested that there was no violence nor threats, just a peaceful protest. But the PP councilors lied and the tribunal (against the law, which considers a police agent's testimony to be higher in fact) considers the testimony of these political opportunists to be more qualified.

That's what they call justice up there in Spain.

Source: Gara[es].

Tasio Erkizia's jail sentence confirmed in the Supreme Court

Tasio Erkizia
Tasio is maybe the most veteran Basque nationalist political leader alive. He was jailed for paying homage to José Miguel Beñaran Ordeñana (Argala), guerrilla militant (he was crucial to the execution of Carrero Blanco, Franco's right hand) but also victim of state terrorism, victim of a bomb planted by Spanish military spies in collaboration with French and Italian fascist terrorists.  

For crying Gora Argala! (Long Live Argala!) in Arrigorriaga now Tasio is in jail because the Spanish courts consider this to equate to support of terrorism, exactly as if he would have cried Gora ETA!

Source: Gara[es].

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