Sunday, March 25, 2012

Many rally in Galicia for the general strike

The general strike of this Thursday 29 was first called by the Basque and Galician national (separatist) unions. The servile Spanish twin unions UGT-CC.OO. were expressly excluded from the call because they are considered subservient to the regime, specially since they have signed once and again brutal labor rights destruction pacts. 

However, some time later, they decided to call a strike that same day. But actually they are not the ones really calling for the strike but rather trying to pretend that they still have any control at all of the working class in the state of Spain. 

A mere farce. 

However the strike is likely to be a massive success because people, unionized or not, is generally most angry. 

These days one of the two original strike-calling blocs, the Galician labor union CIG (Galician Inter-Union Confederacy), has rallied its members in several towns.

Photo-gallery at La Haine.

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