Friday, March 30, 2012

Nonviolent ecologist Tim DeChristopher briefly thrown to 'the hole' in Utah prison

DeChristopher (pictured), who delayed an illegitimate gas and oil auction with the creative strategy of bidding for all lots without being able to pay for any, was convicted in July last year to two years of prison after he renounced to agree to any plea bargain and insisted in making the trial as public and political as possible. 

Apparently he was being punished after he inquired about a suspicious contributor to his support group, which may well be a police agent or some other sort of bourgeois provocateur.

Fortunately, after the prison received thousands of concerned phone calls he was brought back to normal prison conditions.

Source: Desmoblog.

I find particularly interesting the nonviolent strategy of disrupting economic bidding. I imagine that it can be used in other cases, such as in mortgages and such. Of course the will to endure prison and well-organized support are needed.

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