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Palestine: diplomats and demonstrators attacked by Zionist forces (and other stories of resistance and persistence) - Anarchists Against the Wall


Kfur a-Dik

Activists arrived in the village on Friday and were met by members of the local Popular Committee. They were informed of the news that the army had threatened the village with a curfew for a week and that the labourers working in the near by Ariel Industrial Estate would be fired were they to go ahead with a demonstration this week. We will post further news as and when we receive it and continue to support the village in their struggle against the occupation

Kfur Kaddum

Some 300 residents of Kufr Qaddum gathered Friday noon in the village centre for the weekly demonstration against Israeli land grabs, joined by several dozens of Israeli and international activists. Amongst the demonstrators were also a member of the PA's legislative council and diplomats from South Africa and Portugal who came to witness the army's treatment of the demonstration, following last week's incident in which soldiers unleashed an attack dog at protesters.


South African diplomats evacuated after Zionist gassing
Nabi Saleh 

Women took the lead in the demonstration and sat down peacefully. According to activists in Nabi Saleh, the Border police were completely confused and didn't know what too do. Also in the village the demonstration was met with the usual barrage of tear gas, skunk machine and rubber bullets. A young boy was injured by a rubber bullet who was shot in the face from about 20m away following the violent dispersal of the weekly demonstration against the occupation. He was taken to hospital in Ramallah where he stayed over night under observation and for stitches.

Under military order 101, all forms of political demonstrations in the West Bank are deemed illegal by the Israeli authorities, and are routinely attacked and violently dispersed. 

14 y.o. boy hit with a rubber bullet shot at short distance

al Ma'asara

Local demonstrators joined by Israeli and international activists marched through the village to the main entrances only to be faced with a heavy military presence.



Over 30 internationals and 15 Israelis joined the local Palestinian demo in Bil'in against Zionist oppression. In accordance with the recent trend the demo included a relatively small amount of gas, a few rubber bullets, and quite a bit of barbed wire cutting.


Pruning the thorns of Apartheid
 Full report at Anarchists Against the Wall.

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