Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mali: the most idiotic coup ever

Touré was a popular president
As you know there was a coup in Mali a few weeks before elections and after a long period of stable formal democracy. 

Overnight and totally unexpected there was a coup lead by some unknown captain. Political program? Not a line. Complaints? One: they have not enough weapons (allegedly to crush the endemic Tuareg rebellion, going on for some 50 years). But can you rule a country from the mere viewpoint of the "needs" of military officers? That's absurd. 

I've been waiting trying to discern if there was something else going on. But found nothing. The Mali military coup is just a bunch of disgruntled petty military officers without anything that looks like a political program or any known social backing (most people could not care less about the Tuareg uprising out there in the Sahara desert: they may care about salaries, jobs or human rights but hardly about what happens out there in the dunes of the far north).

So I officially proclaim the military coup in Mali the stupidest coup ever.

They are bound to fail, I understand: the time of militarist petty tyrannies is over.

Update: Global Research argues that the USA is behind the coup:

Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo participated in the America’s International Military Education and Training program, sponsored by the US State Department, Public Affairs representative Patrick Barnes revealed to The Washington Post.  


Despite condemning the coup, the US is not planning to reconsider its $140-million aid program to Mali in 2012.

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