Friday, March 30, 2012

"Neo-nazis storm the university of Athens, injuring students, while mainstream media speak of ‘anarchist attack’" (OL-FTGS)

At approximately 13:30 GMT+2 [of Thursday 29th], a group of about 20 neo-nazis (according from information received so far, aligned to ‘Golden Dawn’ and/or to the Cypriot fascist group ‘DRASIS-KES’ entered the Physics and the Mathematics department of the University of Athens main campus in the suburb of Zografou. The thugs injured at least three students. According to eye-witnesses they were welding sticks, helmets and possibly axes. Students managed to group up quickly and to hold an anti-fascist demonstration of a few hundred, while the perpetrators of the attack disappeared from the scene.

In a remarkable twist of reality (even by their usual, low standards) many mainstream media outlets claim this to be an attack by ‘hooded-up youths’ (koukouloforoi), with an indirect, or even direct reference to anarchists.

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