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Punk-rock band 'Ardor de estómago' brought to the Inquisition for saying the truth about the King of Spain

Ardor de Estómago (Heartburn) has been brought before the Spanish state's political tribunal Audiencia Nacional (aka New Inquisition, created by fascist dictator Franco under the name of  Public Order Court). The reason? Insults to the King.

This did not happen 25 years ago, mind you. Spain has been evolving more and more in the direction of absolute monarchies like Thailand or Morocco, in which no dissidence or disrespect to the icon of the monarch is tolerated (a clear sign of weakness incidentally).

But worse is that they are being accused for simply saying the truth: all the lyrics (except the chorus which is subjective and I'd say that sexist) just states the truth on the monarchy. Hence I'm translating the lyrics here for your interest:

(Note that it's full of references to the 1981 February 23rd coup and other dark issues of the monarch's past - see below for explanations). 

Who killed his own brother
with a hunting rifle**?
Who shot in strange circumstances?
Who was named successor
by a creepy dictator?
Who was the White Elephant*?
Who was Franco's friend?

The son of a bitch of King Juan Carlos
The son of a bitch of the King - Bastard!

Who has ships given as gifts
by the bankers and capitalists?
Who is above the Law
and pretends to be popular?
Who censors hazardous affairs?
Who is best buddy of mafiosi?
Who spoke badly of Adolfo Suárez*
in front of the generals?

Who made Tejero and Armada uprise*
then leaving them on their own?
Who showed up in television
as leader of the Transition?
Whose back is well protected
through state secrets?
Who has adulators stuck to him as limpets
following him everywhere?



* All these elements are references to the whitewashed role of the Bourbon monarch in the 23-F coup, which was intended to stop or weaken the democratic reform, specially the federalist trend, and which, in spite of the appearances succeeded in most aspects. It is generally accepted outside the mainstream quasi-official versions that the leader of the coup (which was not as straightforward as some believed) was the King (the White Elephant in the code of the conspirators) and that only the fact that Colonel Tejero, who was the most fascist and naive of all those implicated, resisted the second part of the maneuver, which implied that he was sent to Venezuela in a plane and a "national unity" government with social-democrats and communists was formed afterwards, actually damaged the plan.

** Juan Carlos Bourbon-Bourbon killed his brother (15) when he was barely 18 years old in a so-called accident. Some versions even pretend that the victim shot himself. Nobody who is not monarchic believes it was an accident but rather a personal and dynastic settlement.

Video with the song (lyrics in Spanish at YouTube):

Naturally, if, as they say we are all equal before the law, then the criticism of the King, as of any public figure should be automatically accepted as a matter of course. It was that way in the past. I do not remember any trial of any sort against, for example La Polla Record for their "I want to be King" (in which they called him lazy and hypocrite) and so many others. Yet since the turn of century freedom of speech is more and more difficult in the realm and more and more criticisms of the institutions are considered crimes, what, as I said before, can only be understood as a sign of weakness by institutions which have no legitimacy whatsoever.

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

Update: They have been sentenced to fines of €900 each (SA[es]).

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