Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wikileaks: Pentagon pushes its way ahead

Hillary Clinton's spokesman P.J. Crowley has been pushed to resign after he declared that the Pentagon's sexual abuse (my description) against whistleblower Bradley Manning was ridiculous and counter-productive and stupid.

This development confirms who is the real boss in the USA: the Pentagon. 

In a parallel development a US court in Alexandria, Virginia (a suburb of Washington where the Pentagon is located) has ordered the seizure of the Twitter accounts of Wikileaks and of Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir, who has supported Wikileaks in the past and was somewhat prominent in the release of the video of the murder of Reuters journalists and several civilians by US helicopters in Iraq in 2007, known as Collateral Murder

Hiding US violence, harming US business

Since the First Gulf War, the USA has made all in its hand to hide the reality of their institutional violence against diverse peoples around the World, culminating in the hiding of the massacre at the other gulf: the Gulf of Mexico against its own citizens just to satiate the vicious demands of some of the largest multinational corporations.

That was somewhat of a success in the early 1990s, when the information of war against Iraq was strictly filtered by the Pentagon. However what has happened since then is that we are looking for news and information elsewhere. 

In general we are looking for information in many more diverse places through the Internet. And we crave real information, be it via Wikileaks, Al Jazeera, twits (no my choice but it's a trend), blogs and a long and personalized etcetera. 

The Pentagon and other power structures are unease with that: their imperial dreams (our nightmares) can go down the toilet too easily if the information just keeps flowing - as it will no doubt. 

Their reaction is ridiculous and counter-productive and stupid: they are actually causing much harm to US companies because they have to bow to such totalitarian rulings. Would I create an account at PayPal or Amazon or Facebook after what they have done? No way! I would look for an equivalent in Iceland maybe... somewhere where my rights will be guaranteed and the bullies can't snoop into my business or get them sabotaged overnight with a court order, very possibly a secret court order issued under the state of emergency that exists in the USA since the psi-op self-attacks of 2001.

In this sense it must be said that Twitter, unlike the other companies, at least behaved honestly and defended up to where they could their customer's rights, securing that at least they could inform their customer of what was going on. But if they want to stay popular they may need to move outside of the USA, to somewhere where privacy and civil rights are guaranteed.

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