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Was Fukushima I "hacked" by Israel and the USA?

Not intentionally but through a virus intended against the Iranian nuclear program, Stuxnet.

Stuxnet is a virus that targets industrial soft and hardware, specifically that used in nuclear reactors, it spreads via memory sticks and targets Siemens computers with an intermediate stage at the infamous Windows OS. The virus was apparently found in Iran, delaying this country's nuclear program last  year, but soon it also spread to other computers through Asia, reaching Japan in October

The details of how Fukushima and the other affected plants could not follow the normal procedure of close-down, sustained by generators and batteries, have never been fully explained. Stuxnet would be an explanation, as suggested by I understand and I wish to continue blog, because we know it had reached Japan, we know that Fukushima I plant used Siemens systems and we know that that's exactly what the virus would do: pretend everything is working properly when it is not. If so, a normal shutdown would have the same results, there was no need of tsunami nor earthquake. 

Israel has claimed authorship of Stuxnet, however there are reasons to believe that the virus is co-authored with Washington.

Source: Window into Palestine.

Important update (Mar 21): while the other points of the Stuxnet hypothesis are reasonably confirmed by mainstream media sources, a key point is not: that Fukushima I used Siemens technology. (although it is plausible). Hat tip to A Female Faust for highlighting this key issue (see comments section).

I tracked the source of this information via I understand and I wish to continue and it is a mere comment at a Maya-calendar-apocalyptic forum.  It can still be true but it is not  a credible  source and hence this point remains unconfirmed at the moment.

Update (Mar 23): Some support for the thesis that Fukushima's computers are made by Siemens has been provided  in the comment sections. At least it is confirmed that, in 2000-2001, Siemens Power Generation (a branch of Siemens AG in the USA, former Siemens-Westinghouse) provided nuclear fuel for Fukushima Daichi reactor no. 5 and another plant: Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 7 (source - you need to fill a form to read). It says nothing directly about whether the hardware and software of the plant is also from Siemens but it makes it much more likely, adding to the credibility of the whole story.

Update (Apr 3): Still all the evidence of Siemens computers being involved is oblique, however Siemens has not denied this fact (and by now the rumor is too big to remain silent). Crucially, Siemens (German engineering conglomerate) has an intimate partnership with Areva (French nuclear corporation) and 10 German technicians from Areva were at Fukushima I when the disaster unfolded.


  1. i am researching this and i want to know your source for saying fukushima 1 used siemens controllers -- particularly, can you provide evidence that those siemens controllers were the precise make/model and location to provably produce this result given infection by stuxnet?

    thank you so much for your efforts...

  2. That's a good question and I must congratulate you for your keen eye. It seems to be the weakest pillar of the story as it tracks to a blog and this one (via the comments section of an older post) to an unsourced comment in a forum dated March 13th (it seems to be a Maya-calendar-millenarist forum by the name and iconography).

    So this point is effectively unconfirmed so far. I made a Google search (I guess you did too) and I could find nothing supportive of that claim.

    Yet there is no denial either by either Siemens or anybody else. If the computer system used in Fukushima is known, we should be able to find about it. Siemens is indeed a major industrial (and nuclear) computer equipment provider, that's clear and makes the story plausible... but not confirmed.

    Thanks for your question because it does highlight a key issue.

  3. Siemens will supply 235 fuel assemblies for the japanese

    nuclear power plants Fukushima Daiichi 5 (784MW) and Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 7

    (1,356MW). The second reload fuel order received by Siemens Power

    Corporation, USA, from the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan, covers

    functional and mechanical design as well as fuel fabrication. Delivery is

    scheduled for the second half of 2001.


  4. Sorry I forgot to mention the source of the item. It was published earlier, may be 10 yrs ago in I am not sure whether they were still collaborating.

  5. Well, it adds some weight anyhow to the idea that Stuxnet might have got something to do with this disaster.

    I did not know Siemens provided any nuclear fuel, I was under the wrong impression that Siemens was an electronics company, when it is in fact an all-purpose engineering conglomerate, the largest such company of Europe.

    While providing fuel does not directly tells us that the rest of the components of the plant were Siemens, it makes it quite likely, as these kind of contracts are often multifaceted.

    Thanks, Electricbird.

  6. I made a video - with a similar statement:

    "What if Israel did Fukushima?"

    I would be most grateful for any further info, regarding siemens or otherwise.

  7. IF Stuxnet virus is involved, it'd be an "accident". I do not think that Israel or the Zionists would want to target Japan - because a weaker Japan is bad for US imperial interests (and hence for international Zionism and Israel).

    In any case, the catastrophe needs not of any virus: nuclear energy is intrinsically risky and a level 9 earthquake and corresponding tsunami is enough to explain the disaster (just breaking some pipes would be enough: nuclear reactors are fragile).

    As for what you say re. DWH, of course one cannot ever discard the possibility of a sabotage, but this looks rather as the product systematic negligence, because of stingy greed, proper of Capitalism, specially in this late decadent stage, where no values stand in power positions -- the values of the Working Class (human rights, solidarity, transparency...) are now clearly in opposition.

    What we have to acknowledge is that the energy paradigm of fossil fuels and nuclear is just too risky and harmful and that society must invest in and plan ahead to for renewables (and some lesser consumption, often just luxurious, pointless waste).

    That is what these disasters are telling us: we cannot continue sliding through this slippery slope from massive disaster to massive disaster. A whole era is over and we have to acknowledge that and move on with resolution for a better near future, starting right now.

  8. Hi this is A13 from I understand and I wish to continue blog..
    here is the link to my post and please look at the later comments..I've found more info on this..

    and this one:

    and this post is the latest on this scenario:

    Please be sure to read the comments as they have more information.

    Also a Swiss friend compiled this..

    Many Regards..

  9. Hello, A13. Thanks for posting.

    I've been trying to find the key evidence (i.e. that Fukushima I used a Siemens controller) in all those links and I cannot.

    This might be because I fail to see something. The strongest trail is: Siemens <3 Areva, 10 German Areva workers were at Fukushima when the disaster unfolded.

    This may suggest that the Fukushima I controllers were Siemens but does not prove it. Of course, I would not expect that, if true, Siemens would go around acknowledging their participation in this disaster (with or without Stuxnet) but I would not mind something more solid, really.

  10. Hi Maju, They pulled the page i found it from..
    it's on the comments section in my worm post..
    I've tried to re-locate it but it says it's no longer available on the siemens website.
    we have to try to remain vigilant on this as who knows what morphing this virus has done in the monthe since it was released.
    many regards,.

  11. I saw the broken link but do you remember the contents?

  12. A3: here is your missing link:

    I googled for the text you had under it hoping to find at least the cached version but I found it at a different address.

    However it talks about the Sendai nuclear plant, not Fukushima I.

  13. I think i found hard evidence that at least two of the Fukushima reactors used at-risk plc's - but it pales in comparison to THIS.... the second link is to an article most interesting but thinly referenced (so far -- am asking for help)...

    be seeing you.

  14. @Fausta:

    The first article, the operating manual, I really have no idea how it fits here, what to do with it (maybe I'm missing a clue or two?)

    The second article, the one from Rense, sounds very plausible (at least all the part about a Japanese nuclear weapons program, considering the North Korean threat, and also the part of rogue Israel doing the dirty job and then also scamming the Japanese) but I imagine that after that things may have evolved differently to what the article says (no evidence is provided is just a good story).

    Notably I find that intentional Stuxnet attack against Japan for the minor "sin" of backing Palestinian human rights at UN demands too much disruption of disbelief for me: it's so disproportionate and counter-producing (severely hurting an ally in the Imperial Alliance?, why?!, what for?)

    If Stuxnet is involved, what is plausible but unproven, is probably an accident: Stuxnet works alone: it does not obey orders: once released it's there to harm, unless you have an antidote or are naturally protected.

    The fact that Siemens (and only Siemens) abandoned recently the nuclear business was attributed to fall of demand after Fukushima but it is consistent with the speculations about Stuxnet.

    But all seems to fall short of evidence, specially evidence of ill-intent against Japan on the part of Israel (which is what I consider less credible of all). Still I imagine that the materials may be of interest to monographic blogs like Fukushima Diary or Ex-SKF.

  15. You want to read this:

    There was a virus in the system, they think the attack came from/via Russia and the attack may have been ongoing for six years.


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