Monday, March 14, 2011

Europeans don't like Israel

A new poll shows that most Europeans think very badly of Israel and, by heart at least, support the Palestinian position in the long colonial conflict. 

A poll in the six largest states of Western Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) showed that most Europeans think:
  1. In Gaza when told Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  2. That Israel is NOT a democracy nor treats all religious/ethnic groups equally.
  3. That the pro-Israeli lobby is overly influential in the UK, while the Palestine lobby is not.
  4. That Israeli oppression of Palestinians and settlements are the main obstacles to peace.
  5. That Israel is the primary aggressor, Palestinians are the primary victims. Israel is the main threat to World peace. 
  6. That Israeli stand on Gaza (siege, attacks, flotilla attack) is illegal.
  7. That Hamas should be included in peace talks.
  8. That Israel exploits the historical suffering of the Jewish people,  etc.
  9. That Jerusalem should be designated a neutral international city.
  10. That the pro-Israeli stand of European fascists ("far right") is perceived as being WRONG.

References (PDF format): full ICM poll report, synthesis report.


  1. Nice to know that Europeans have got the right idea. Although, I'd say that the above formulation is a bit simplistic. Europeans don't like injustice, which is why they don't like Israel.

  2. Fair enough but I'd add that they (we) do not just dislike injustice (at least in principle) but also have become more and more aware of how Israel is such injustice.

    Awareness is a key point.


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