Monday, March 14, 2011

Saudi and other GCC troops intervene in Bahrain

The popular revolution is so advanced in Bahrain that the dictator clan, the Khalifa dynasty, had to ask for military support to ally countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an organization whose main power is Saudi Arabia, which also has its own problems, so far contained by means of military and police terror. (Source: Al Jazeera)

The embattled autocrats, a remnant of British feudalist colonial policies, have sent their police forces to shoot a point blank against protesters, sometimes with live ammo and in other cases with rubber bullets. However all the repression does not seem able to quell the revolution but rather is like setting fire to oil.

Follows Al Jazeera video (full story here), where a policeman is seen emptying his pistol against protesters and then running away and then another policeman shoots a rubber bullet against the face of another protester while his buddies cheer him:

A less explicit footage from shows a view of the camp set up by protesters at Manama. A demonstrator was allegedly shoot by police also at point blank in this scene but the moment of the shooting is not captured as the camera was looking elsewhere (we see the citizen refusing to run and holding a yellow sign and later we see him falling unconscious and being retrieved by other people):

Update: the column of Saudi troops entering the island state at Euronews and the negative opinion among Bahrainis about this development.

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