Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan nuclear disaster might be "worse than Chernobyl"

That is what Chinese official Xinhua agency suggests, citing Indian experts. The lack of accurate information by the government doesn't seem to help to keep people calm about the dangers but it is clear that, with 4 nuclear plants damaged, one of which is exploding and another one which has produced dangerous levels of radiation, all in the midst of widespread destruction by a huge quake and tsunami, thinking "everything is alright" is not an option.

Reactor no. 3 exploded in a larger bang than that of reactor no. 1. As the first one it has also been blamed on hydrogen accumulation and it is claimed that the reactor's container is still intact but it is hard to believe that such a sequence of explosions and emergencies are not a greater danger than officially reported. Reactor no. 2 has also lost all its coolant, maybe because of the neighboring explosions, and is therefore set to follow its "siblings" into catastrophe.

Video of reactor no. 3 explosion:

The Japanese authorities are not yet saying if this second explosion has led to uncontrolled release of radiation, according to Reuters.

Notice please how this explosion is much much larger than the one at reactor no. 1, suggestive, I would think, of a true nuclear explosion, rather than a mere hydrogen or steam blowout.

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