Saturday, March 26, 2011

US Iraq deserter asks for political asylum in Germany

Andre Sheperd joined the US Army out of patriotic pride but once in Iraq he realized he had joined an army of war criminals and he was becoming one himself. Six months after joining he deserted.

Now he is married to a German and has surfaced from clandestineness asking for political asylum. If deported to the USA he could face extremely harsh penalties such as life in a military prison or even the death penalty.

Source: Russia Today.

The circumstances of this man who faced with becoming a minion of evil or risking his life for disobeying can't but arise the sympathies of anyone who is not a militarist but I believe that his situation underlines how rotten the imperial policies are that they cannot even keep the motivation of their own soldiers. 

This guy might have been a committed soldier who could have given away his life to defend his country (in the unlikely event it was ever attacked at all), just if he would not have been ordered to go in rampage creating corpses and enemies where there was no need, in a colonialist operation that only serves the interests of a reduced oligarchy. 

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