Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orwell's and Kafka's worst nightmares surpassed in Guantanamo

The procedures for even military attorneys (US soldiers appointed by the US Defense Department) to communicate with their clients has been made a total nightmare by the new rules under the "Nobel Peace Prize" President Obama, who promised to close the highly irregular concentration camp, where people are held indefinitely without charges under procedures that amount to perpetual torture and that would cause shame even to Torquemada.

Attorneys cannot anymore admit that something "is classified" when they have to not answer to a client's question because the matter is classified.

Attorneys have to specify beforehand which language they will use with the prisoner, implying that they are being listened to, something that is technically illegal. 

For prisoners arrested (illegally kidnapped in foreign territory in most cases) by the CIA, the attorneys must get Top Secret clearance before they can communicate with their clients. 

Every material that an attorney gives to their clients must first pass now through a special committee that has to give it clearance first, what means that it may take weeks before it reaches the client, indefinitely lengthening the procedures.

Full story HERE.

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