Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reactor no. 3 has a huge vertical crack and other awful news from Nuclear Japan

Energy News reports (original source: NYT but it's pay per view) that reactor no. 3 of Fukushima I nuclear plant has a long vertical crack that has allowed fluids and gases directly out from the reactor. A senior nuclear executive speaking on condition of anonymity admitted that:

There is a definite, definite crack in the vessel — it’s up and down and it’s large.

This reactor uses the infamous MOX fuel, an even more dangerous mix of uranium and plutonium that the classical uranium-only variant. 

Other bad news:
For older news or just to stay tuned in almost real time, Energy News is where you should look at (among other sources, of course).

When is the government of Japan decide that it is about time to proceed to a Chernobyl style solution? When is IAIEA going to acknowledge this is at least as bad as Chernobyl - or probably much worse? When is the World going to realize that nuclear energy is a perennial risk (in form of unmanageable residues and hyper-hazardous sites) that we just cannot afford, no matter how they cheat in the accountancy books?

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