Saturday, March 5, 2011

Russia denies the existance of bombings against Benghazi

The Russian armed forces, which have been monitoring the situation in Libya via satellite since the beginning of the unrest, cast a shadow on Western reports of what is going on in Libya. According to Western media (BBC, Al Jazeera) on February 22 the Libyan Air Force would have attacked the rebel city of Benghazi, this attack never really happened, say the Russians now.

The La Haine article also includes a video of a massacre at Bahrain (real deaths warning) dated Feb 18.

Other news from the Arab Revolution

While I do not want to undermine the causes and reality of the Libyan facet of the Arab Revolution, this is obviously only part of a much larger and important process and it is also clear that the disinformation and dramatic posturing being launched on Libya and not the other Arab states where repression is at least as violent as in Libya and revolution at least as important, obey to the interests of the Empire, which is massing up forces in Crete for an imperialist intervention.


  1. maju greetings,

    really is very sad the repression of the tyrants to remain in power.

    the concentration of American troops at the base of Crete makes me wonder something, ¿are being social revolutions in the Arab spontaneous due to the need for people to live in democracy? or else are being caused by international agents to put her large hand in these countries and then take all the money they can?

    I prefer to believe the first option, that people manifests itself, and is producing in the middle east a domino effect that shakes the tyrants, however, as you suggest, the shadow of the empire is long.

  2. The Empire wants to intervene in Libya against Gaddafi and in order to secure the oil. The Empire may also intervene in other states against the revolution but it fears the consequences of doing it.

    The Empire is not feeding the revolution except maybe to some extent in the exceptional cases of Libya and Iran, where it may have something to gain from regime change.

    Other agents like Russia or China or European powers are not interested in democracy either, at least not in principle. China specially reacted very hostile against the revolution and banned any mention to Egypt and Tahrir square in its fraction of the Internet. It did the same when there was a revolution in Pakistan, remember?

    Obviously Arabs are extremely tired of tyranny. They are like everybody else: they do not like to be oppressed and pushed around. But the main motivation for the uprising is socio-economical: unemployment, lack of a future for the vast youth of those states.

    The revolutions are real. Revolutions are always real, regardless of whether some powers may try to get some advantage of them or to contain them. The sealed train of Lenin was not the cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917, just a circumstance of it.

  3. Great Britain is now also preparing to carry out an intervention to protect the civilian population: the brazen attempt for shared the energy resources with the empire is called humanitarian mission... hypocrisy.

    i read an interesting paper on rebelion about libia

    And meanwhile China does not want interfere, “ prefers the stability”, to save time and negotiate the purchase of oil with Gaddafi.

  4. Escobar is the only decent author at Asia Times Online, the only lefty one. He was a few days ago attacking Gaddafi and now he's, like everybody, concerned about NATO intervention.


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