Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The American Way (nowadays): go to the beach and die

Thousands maybe millions are going to die or be affected for life because of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and, specially, the criminal practices displayed by Washington, BP and the states in the aftermath, spraying corexit, lying about it, lying about the state of the water and the beaches, forcing workers not to bear respirators.

A true genocide. 

Not a year has passed and more and more people are being annihilated coldly, the media, as far as I can tell, almost does not report anymore of this crime against humankind on US soil happening right now against US citizens (not to mention the environment).

Yesterday, for example, citizen who bathed in full accordance with official recommendations died after long suffering that swelled her face and plagued her with disease doctors did not know how to treat. She's just one example: millions are at risk or already in their way to the tomb.
This video of Lisa Nelson was taken months ago, long before her death:

When will the criminals be brought to justice? Why are not the cities of the area full of demonstrators setting up barricades? This is at least as bad as Gaddafi!

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